Ready or Not


Ready or Not:   Fly Robin, Fly...
For Empowerment of All People (FEAP)

by Robin Renee Thompson (Whitehead)




This autobiography is a true memoir of my life events.  I have used some fictitious names to protect the identities of characters and actual innocent people.  However, the events are all truthful.  This book took me approximately two years to complete the first edition, and nine years to revise this edition.  I had so many images of how I wanted society to perceive what I am sharing.  However, this book is being written to impact the lives of many women who were sexually abused, homeless, or suffering from mental health issues.  This book is my vent book to let go and let God.

The book will inspire veterans, and or people with disabilities as well as provide female empowerment.  I experienced prejudice and unfair treatment during my military career.  I hope many others will read this book  and identify with the injustice of Military Sexual Trauma that exists within the Armed Forces.

This is an inspiring book that challenges females to seek self- determination and build self-esteem. It applies to all females who have been violated, abused, and/or has mental health concerns.  As a result I am a survivor and I live with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) experiencing mostly anxiety.

I did not write this book to judge others but to make others aware and not for self-pity but for empowerment.  I feel blessed to be able to share my trauma and successes.  I understand many may not agree with my views on homosexuality, and religion and that is their right, as I am entitled to my own rights.  I believe this book is empowerment to those living and seeking understanding within the LGBT subculture and brings about awareness to the heterosexuals as well.  I only ask for respect, as it shall also be given unto you.

My spiritual beliefs are just that, mine and this is my testimony that will hopefully create a desire for the reader to seek after what is of righteousness and of God.  Only God can judge man, a judge can only sentence you within the judicial authority.  I ask you to seek the truth in your own faith or religious beliefs and judge not, least ye be judged.  Man is of the flesh God is of spirit! We are quick to feed into media distortion, loving Illuminati propaganda, but hating associations with holiness.  I hear way too often "I don’t play with God," well, neither do I and we all fall short.  People talk about sinners and saints; I can respect Pastor Gino Jennings even if he is bold with name calling.  I may not have beliefs in all things he teaches but I respect him and his churches.  Every day we live, we should try and have faith that God can order our steps.  This is a spiritual warfare I am praying for blessings to all my readers.

I truly hope you enjoy reading this memoir and finish the entirety with more knowledge on the topics I touch upon.  This experience was long and revisions were needed although it was painful for me to write it, opening the wounds allowed healing. I now feel closure to a very important past in my life that was once left open.  It took going to a foreign land and isolating myself from all the stress, gossip, hate, drugs, and alcohol to have some quiet time with myself.

I thank all who will read this book, those who appreciate my views and opinions, as well as those who disagree.  I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his revelations and spiritual guidance.

Peace Be Unto You!

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