Ready or Not:   Fly Robin, Fly...
For Empowerment of All People (FEAP)

by Robin Renee Thompson (Whitehead)

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Ready or Not

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This book is a masterpiece and should be distributed to cultural diversity courses in Social Work studies. "Ready or Not" provides information concerning various theories on Self-Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Systems Theory. Most importantly it addresses resiliency and social interaction for empowerment of all people, from Robin's perspective.  Great Job!

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As an Author and cohort I can attest that Robin really did her research and poured her heart out revealing her most intimate life experiences. To be able to turn around and come back triumphantly, with two master degrees and currently seeking her PhD in Social Work is truly remarkable.

- Allen Payne

Author of "Suspended in Time"











$18.84  ($14.99 + $3.85 S/H)     A  GFM165x54 account is set up for purchase of this book.

Please add "Book" and your Address in the payment comment area to indicate you are purchasing this book.


This autobiography describes the tragic events of a female veteran, and provides graphic details of her sexual assault, abuse, and dysfunctional life.  It details her self-determination and changes within her life; counseling, education and self-actualization to overcome the obstacles and become a motivation to others.  This book is a work in progress for a life time story or documentary, to help other female veterans from the conflicts in the Middle East; Afghanistan, Kuwait, and or right here in the United States.  It deals with depression, drugs, sexuality, spirituality, homelessness, PTSD, and intervention/treatment.  The book is a powerful, yet truthful rendition of a troubled female who tried to commit suicide, and her compelling come back is a testament.  She is proud of her love for Christ and feels her calling is in evangelism, although this part of her life is not revealed in the book.  The book is awesome and once you start reading it, you will not want to stop until you finish the book!  It gives insight into how to overcome trauma, and empowers others with hope and self-determination.  It is also educational and will assist in understanding various views and stereotypes, disabled veterans, friendships, and Salvation (John 3:16) "Never Forgotten or Forsaken."

Thank you so very much for purchasing this book and your kind and generous contribution.  All sales from this book will go towards providing basic homeless items and much needed school supplies for the impoverished youth.

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