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Robin is a wonderful writer, community organizer, advocate, and role model.  Her book gives insights on how and why people get negative stereotypes.

--Samantha Jones

Once sexually assaulted, homeless, and diagnosed with PTSD/Anxiety Disorder, I was found non-feasible for education. Today, I am a PhD Candidate and hold Two Masters Degrees. I have written two books that have impacted the lives of many. I am a Christian and my belief is thru Christ Jesus all things are possible. I made mistakes along the way, but my determination and resiliency to keep my faith has me where I am today. You can do the same. Trust and believe in yourself. Be blessed on your journey.

--Robin R. Thompson (Whitehead)


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Abuse and Trauma -
Anger Management -
Review our Business- Individual- and Spiritual-Coaching services and team who will help you with "Focused Coaching".
Consider the life-changing possibilities with our "Mentoring" services.

Who We Are

Insightful Solutions Consulting is a faith-based charitable nonprofit organization that provides a service of choices with guidance, motivation, and assistance for solutions of prevention, intervention, and change to empower a community of displaced individuals.  The displacement may be one of elder care, homelessness, incarceration,  misunderstood youth (orphans and runaways), and abused men, women and children. We involve God for His Love (Agape), Blessings, and Salvation while ensuring displaced people are "Never Forsaken or Forgotten."  Please donate to our Outreach ServicesGFM165x54

Robin R. Whitehead

President, CEO and Founder of Insightful Solutions Consulting (ISC)

Homeless, Incarcerated, and LGBT Outreach Director

Phillip P. Shelton

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Counselor, Facilitator, Intern and Volunteer Supervisor, Incarcerated Services Manager

Diane M. Shelton

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Facilitator and Prison Program Partner

Thomas Garrison

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Aligns technology-related decisions with the organization's goals.

Stephon Beckham

Marketing Director

Manages all of the organization’s marketing ventures.

Vanessa R. Elliott

Social Media Manager

Guides our social media presence.

Unfilled Position

Elder Care Outreach Director

Elder Caregiver and Senior Home Care Aide

Jarvis A. Wells

Homeless Services Outreach Navigator

Barber to the Homeless

Michael Tuck

Spiritual Advisor and Mentor

Multi-faith spiritual care and pastoral support services.

Sharon Earth

Natural Healing Director

Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects depend on one another for well-being.

Adrianna D. Leach

Youth Volunteer

Youth and Homeless Outreach Services

Calijahreanna Ingram

Youth Volunteer

Youth and Homeless Outreach Services


Insightful Solutions Consulting Mascot

A Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) trained service dog.

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Insightful Solutions Consulting
88 Rosalyn Way
Palmyra, VA 22963

Tel: 1-888-200-3379


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